Smooshed pennies: That’s what Allison and I call those little souvenir pennies that you crank through machines, at museums, amusement parks and tourist attractions alike. What is the significance of a smooshed penny? Well, a few years back I was at Epcot in Walt Disney World, and Allison was back home in New York. I was with my family, so my sister and I decided to try and have an adult beverage at each country in Epcot. At some point in our endeavor, I stumbled (literally) upon a penny cranking machine, and decided Allison needed a penny.

When I came back to New York from Orlando I proudly presented her with the “smooshed penny,” she laughed, and so started the tradition of making them for each other everywhere we go. Allison travels a lot for work and we also travel for leisure, so we have now collected them from all over the country and even the world. And we always get irrationally excited and pronounce the ‘smoosh.’ It’s our thing.

It was the day before our long-awaited vacation to Punta Cana. We’ve made it a tradition to travel somewhere warm in early December to escape the cold. I’m not one of those cool calm and collected cucumbers before I travel. I’m a frazzled little stress attack waiting to explode.

After a long day of work, it was time to pick up Allison from home (she had the day off) so that we could drop our dogs off at their respective dog sitters. I frantically called Allison, and told her, ‘Please just pack up the dog stuff, and meet me in the car,’ to which she responded, ‘I really need you to come in and help.’ The nerve! After I swiftly rolled my eyes back into place from behind my head, I pulled my disheveled self together and marched into our home.

When I walked in, The house looked immaculate. Now, we do keep a clean home, but not like this. And then Allison asked me to look at the Christmas tree and find the new ornament. After many failed attempts, I found a penny, perfectly smooshed, tied with twine, hanging on the tree.

I removed the penny from the tree and saw, ‘Will you marry me?’ expertly crafted on the penny. I turned around, and Allison was on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring sitting inside of a geode that we cracked together on our favorite date. It was intimate and perfect. We had a lovely dinner, and the next morning embarked upon what we have come to call our “Engagement Moon” and had a perfect six days in paradise, planning our wedding, which is on March 14, 2020.” —Nicki, one half of the couple

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