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Do you live alone?

Whenever I meet up with people, be it via Grinder, Scruff and alike, or meetups or online I get nervous when people ask me this…

Do You Live Alone?

In the day, I would just go on dates at a nice restaurant or go to a club or a movie. Times have changed.

I hate feeling this way, but my automatic assumption is that they ask so they can stay over at my place, or if something happened to me nobody will by default I either lie to them or just tell them that creeps me out.

Recently in my locale area, there was a gay man that befriended someone he met online and it cost him his life.

I want to know if this is just being me, or if other people have had the same experience?

 I’ve even been asked WHERE I live. I just think it’s such a weird question. Like, why are you asking? You know we live in the same city/area so why do you need to know my apartment complex? There’s just too much grey area and potential red flags that come with that information. It’s not relevant to them. It affects them in absolutely no way. It does nothing for your relationship with them. It’s unnecessary information so yes it’s absolutely creepy and you’re doing the right thing by paying attention to your warning bells.

It’s certainly not weird that you feel it’s off. It could be your intuition talking about those specific guys.

On the other hand, maybe it is just an innocent question

Maybe he is wondering if he is  still living with his  parents when he is over 40 years old? Does he have a roommate? What kind of place does he live in? Is he cheating on his partner?

Just like with a us, all of these things would give someone who’s interested in you some perspective about who you are as a person. Are you independent? Needy? Financially responsible?

But by all means, don’t answer if you get the creeps. Hell, maybe even if you don’t, not for a while at least.

Follow your gut. If it creeps you out, it creeps you out! When you just meet someone, the things we say carry more weight, and the intent behind our actions and words are going to be scrutinized. The other party should always know that!!!

Also. be  aware of scammers online, they also do not want you to communicate to others about your new found relationships because his friends will tell you that it is simply a scam . Scammers do not  want to be talked about. They ask  only for that reason .

In short, be careful. Use some common sense and be careful what you put out there.

Keep on Aging forward!

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