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“Organic beauty and authentic love tether the movement of this editorial shoot. Working with two real, married couples and LGBTQ-inclusive vendors, these images tell the story of love, support and the beauty found in the smallest of details. Aiming to expand the sense of community rallying around couples, we chose to include two real couples […]


Jennifer and Victoria chose to hold their wedding at the Westwood in Garwood, New Jersey. They had a first look waterside at Nomahegan Park in Cranford, New Jersey, with absolutely gorgeous fall foliage as the backdrop. The intimate ceremony was officiated by Jenn’s brother. He made a point to say how it’s been such a […]

3 Gay Wedding Hot-Spots

Great gay-friendly destinations for your special day San Francisco, Boston and Brighton all have solid traditions of being progressive and open-minded so there is no surprise that they have long been popular gay travel destinations. Now that gays are allowed to marry in all three cities, gay lovers are rewarding their dedication to marriage equality […]

How To Find Gay Love in Smalltown USA

If you are serious about wanting to find gay love, you have to go out and let other gay people know that you exist Dear Max, I am a gay white male living in a small town in southeastern Kentucky. I am not a bad looking guy and I seem to have all the right […]

How to Find an Honest Gay Man

There is an honest gay man out there somewhere – longing to find someone just like you Dear Max, I am a 43 year old man and I’m feeling very lonely. All I want is to find an honest and decent man that I can trust. Do you think that I’m setting the standard too […]

New in Town and Feeling Lonely

What do you do when you’re new in town and only have friends online? Dear Max,I just moved to a new city and I have no friends. I am 21 and I have been meeting people through the internet. Is that okay or am I sick? –“X” Dear “X”, You are not sick… you are […]

Gay Palm Springs – An Iconic Desert Oasis

Palm Springs is an iconic desert town with numerous gay resorts First “discovered” by Hollywood celebrities in the 1930’s, Palm Springs has long been a favorite travel destination for open-minded visitors. The oasis in the middle of the desert has drawn people from all over the world to this secluded paradise, and to the easy […]