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Drama and Happiness

In a world that is often hostile to gay men and women, having friends and relationships that support our sense of self-worth is very important.  Friends not only help us meet our needs for intimacy, they help validate our point of view and our self-understanding; they help us keep our bea It can be very […]


“Organic beauty and authentic love tether the movement of this editorial shoot. Working with two real, married couples and LGBTQ-inclusive vendors, these images tell the story of love, support and the beauty found in the smallest of details. Aiming to expand the sense of community rallying around couples, we chose to include two real couples […]

5 Reasons Why I Want to Be A Gay Sugar Daddy

The average sugar daddy in North America is worth more than $5 million. While I come in a bit shy of that figure, I still bring in enough annual salary to more than cover my costs as well as the expenses of any gay sugar baby that should catch my interest. But plenty of men […]


You know the type—they leave the party early to get back home to their “child.” They must have a friendly patio or they won’t be able to attend the bru nch. They created a separate Instagram account for their fur baby. They are the crazy dog person. We are those people, and of course, we […]


Gay men get significantly less time off than lesbians and straight couples when they become new parents, according to a study released this month that looks at parental leave policies around the world. Gay men get significantly less time off than lesbians and straight couples when they become new parents, according to a study released […]

Do you live alone?

Whenever I meet up with people, be it via Grinder, Scruff and alike, or meetups or online I get nervous when people ask me this… Do You Live Alone? In the day, I would just go on dates at a nice restaurant or go to a club or a movie. Times have changed. I hate […]

7 types of men you meet at brunch parties

Brunch parties are fun experiences. A brunch party is a day party during which brunch is served. The most enjoyable ones I have been to are in NYC and in DC. Walking into a brunch party is like walking into a sitcom. You’ll come across different characters with all types of personalities. The best part […]

Gus Kenworthy gets candid about his years in the closet

For reasons that escape us, out actor/Olympian Gus Kenworthy has been on the receiving end of criticism after it was announced his role in the new American Horry Story anthology would be…wait for it…straight. We hope you didn’t faint. The upcoming series, titled American Horry Story: 1984, looks properly creepy. But one thing we don’t […]

How to Find an Honest Gay Man

There is an honest gay man out there somewhere – longing to find someone just like you Dear Max, I am a 43 year old man and I’m feeling very lonely. All I want is to find an honest and decent man that I can trust. Do you think that I’m setting the standard too […]

The 10-Point Gay Wedding Checklist

Regardless of who you love, getting married can be stressful. For same-sex couples there’s even more complexity and that’s why we made this gay wedding checklist. Once the euphoria of the engagement wears off, the reality of wedding minutiae sets in. From fittings to cake designs to venue selection, your pending nuptials require a lot more than love; […]