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7 types of men you meet at brunch parties

Brunch parties are fun experiences. A brunch party is a day party during which brunch is served. The most enjoyable ones I have been to are in NYC and in DC. Walking into a brunch party is like walking into a sitcom. You’ll come across different characters with all types of personalities.

The best part of the brunch party experience is meeting people. As men(gay or straight) we have a primal instinct to hunt. So when we’re at a brunch party or any other social event our main goal is to meet someone physically attractive. H ere are some of the types of men you’ll find at a brunch party:


You’re at a brunch and you recognize this individual. But you don’t know if you actually met him. Then a friend pulls up their phone and shows his inst agram profile. The “Instagram model” has at least tens of thousands of followers and is popular elsewhere on social media. He’s usually as attractive in person as he is on social media.


Brunch is a time where you can show up and show out. The “Fashion Prince” executes flawlessly. Whether it is brunch or any other social event you’ll mo st likely see him wearing a blazer. And most definitely he’s wearing high end clothing or accessories. If you need advice on fashion and grooming he’s the person to speak to.


Ring the alarm Trade is a gay term that refers to a man appearing masculine or straight acting. A trade is considered the alpha male. He’s usually from an urban area and is the object of all desires. He has swag and appears assertive. It’s not hard to spot trade if your gaydar is on point.


The socialite is almost like a celebrity. Event promoters and other types of social influencers fall into this category. Even if you don’t know him you probably heard about him. They have the inside scoop of the nightlife and party scene. Usually flossy, socialites immediately capture the attention of persons when they enter a room.


Classy in the streets but nasty in the sheets. The “Sexy Nerd” is sophisticated and has both street and book smarts. Almost reminds me of a Morehouse m an. He’s comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t feel the need to fit in. He is definitely boyfriend material.


For some persons the thought of getting older makes them cringe. But a zaddy doesn’t have that type of anxiety. Think of Barack Obama. A zaddy truly de fines swag. He is well dressed, composed, and confident.


The “Fitness guru” is a gym rat. He exercises at Planet Fitness or Blink at least 3 times a week. If you go on his social media profile you’ll see coun tless pictures of him without a shirt on. He’s definitely eye candy at brunch.

Do you love brunch? Looking for brunches and other great social experiences?

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