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5 Reasons Why I Want to Be A Gay Sugar Daddy

The average sugar daddy in North America is worth more than $5 million. While I come in a bit shy of that figure, I still bring in enough annual salary to more than cover my costs as well as the expenses of any gay sugar baby that should catch my interest.

But plenty of men in my position, with more than the ability to do so, don’t opt for the kind of arrangement that I prefer. Because having the money isn’t the only reasons I want to be a gay sugar daddy. My motivations are run far deeper than pure financial ability, and I’ll take you all 5 of them.


Gay sugar baby dating apps connect you with a gay sugar baby who usually needs some sort of financial support. Sometimes that’s in the form of gifts, dinners, and trips, but many times, you have the opportunity to help someone pay for something like school, a car, or a place to live.

What I mean is that the men I meet are everyday people. They typically have a job, a circle of friends, hobbies, and otherwise normal life. And, many of the men I meet, like to keep the whole arrangement just as discreet as I do. Most people wouldn’t know that I’m a gay sugar daddy, and the gay sugar baby type that I like requires the same kind of discretion.


For me, one of the most important aspects of a non-normative arrangement like this is that I feel freer to be myself. Because the arrangement is ultimately tr ansactional in nature, I feel no need to lie or hide parts of myself. And with more gay sugar daddywebsites catering to men like me popping up all the time, the opportunity to meet exactly who I’m looking for are large and varied.


Before I started the gay sugar daddy journey, I did my fair share of dating in the more conventional sense. I prefer to date younger men, who I find to be more open, more aligned with my values, and the refreshing breath of air that I need in a companion. But finding younger men without websites and apps is difficult – often 20 years their senior and significantly more affluent, we don’t exactly frequent the same country clubs. But the gay sugar daddy/gay sugar baby arrangement helps makes that more possible.


More than just a handful of the sugar babies I’ve met along the way have been in-between boyfriends, recovering from a breakup, or just loving the single life and staying away from all the general drama of dating. AKA: they’re not looking for a commitment, and neither am I.

Knowing that marriage or a committed, monogamous relationship isn’t in the cards from the get-go, all of my sugar dating arrangements have remained in the best part of the relationships. We’re perpetually stuck in the honeymoon stage, where we’re thoughtful, romantic, and happy while we’re spending what time we have together. Essentially – it is easy with a lack of drama.


Men (and women) who can afford to facilitate a certain lifestyle for both themselves and another person in this kind of arrangement generally have demanding jobs. While it’s that job that allows me to live the way I do and give that to my gay sugar baby, it also takes a lot of my time and doesn’t allow me to have a more conventional relationship… at least, not without the headache of a barrage of “when are you coming home?”, “where are you?”, and “I can’t do this long-distance thing anymore” texts, 10 minutes before an important presentation in Geneva.


Being a gay sugar daddy isn’t necessarily where I pictured myself 15 years ago, but I couldn’t be happier with the flexibility and romance that it’s brought to my life. The number of gay sugar daddy dating apps and websites out there hasn’t skyrocketed for lack of demand, either, so I know I’m not the only one exploring this world and loving every minute of it.

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