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Month: July 2019

The 10-Point Gay Wedding Checklist

Regardless of who you love, getting married can be stressful. For same-sex couples there’s even more complexity and that’s why we made this gay wedding checklist. Once the euphoria of the engagement wears off, the reality of wedding minutiae sets in. From fittings to cake designs to venue selection, your pending nuptials require a lot more than love; […]

New in Town and Feeling Lonely

What do you do when you’re new in town and only have friends online? Dear Max,I just moved to a new city and I have no friends. I am 21 and I have been meeting people through the internet. Is that okay or am I sick? –“X” Dear “X”, You are not sick… you are […]

Antoni Porowski says he “learned the hard way” why you should always have a safe word during choke sex

Antoni Porowski recently sat down with BuzzFeed to read thirst tweets about himself and, naturally, the topic of erotic asphyxiation came up. “I’m probably more uncomfortable doing this than I could possibly be at a hockey game,” Porowski says before taking a deep dive into the tweets, which included requests to eat pickled carrots off […]

The President of the Mormon Church lashes out against marriage equality…yet again

The Church of Latter-Day Saints has just come out against marriage equality…again. The Mormon church, which began allowing gay parents to baptize their children in 2015–the same year marriage equality became legal across the United states–reaffirmed it ’s opposition to marriage equality in a scathing statement by church President Russell Nelson. “Because parents are the […]

Is a gay Captain America coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Still swimming in cash after the boffo box office performance of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel has signaled it will add three diverse new Captain Americas to its cinematic universe: one female, one black and one gay. All three characters already exist in the comic book universe, and may or may not take on the actual title […]

Gays are still shaming interracial dating. WTF? !

A couple of weeks ago, NFL veteran Ryan Russell came out as bisexual in a powerful interview with EPSN. Plus, he’s Black and an incredibly bright athlete with an impeccable way with words. Talk about putting some much-needed points on the queer representation scoreboard. If that wasn’t enough, it was quickly discovered that his Insta […]