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What is it like to be a bisexual man living in India?

A 36-year-old bisexual man living with his family in Delhi says “unconventional doesn’t even begin to define my life.” In an article , the anonymous man writes about what it’s like being bisexual in a country where gay sex was still punishable with life in prison just last year when t he country’s Supreme Court […]

Mayor Pete claims he doesn’t read Queerty (We refuse to believe it!)

In a revealing new interview with Out, Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has made a shocking admission: he doesn’t read any LGBTQ publications. Not a single one. We assume this includes Queerty and we’re trying not to take it personally. We may need a minute… Buttigieg, who has endured the absurd criticism in some circles […]

Gay Palm Springs – An Iconic Desert Oasis

Palm Springs is an iconic desert town with numerous gay resorts First “discovered” by Hollywood celebrities in the 1930’s, Palm Springs has long been a favorite travel destination for open-minded visitors. The oasis in the middle of the desert has drawn people from all over the world to this secluded paradise, and to the easy […]

5 Ways to Prevent Seniors with Dementia from Wandering

Your neighbor just found your senior dad wandering alone outside. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is common in people who have memory problems or dementia. The Alzheimer’s Association says that 60 percent of people with dement ia will wander. It affects everyone, as family members live in fear that their loved one will wander off […]

Confessions of a Gay Curmudgeon recommends the Confessions of a Gay Curmudgeon  . Confessions of a Gay Curmudgeon recounts the adventures of Viktor, a fifty-year-old gay man in New York City trying to get back into the land of the living after the breakup of a twelve-year relationship. Complaining into his digital diary, Viktor wrestles with negotiating the dating scene, dealing […]

Man uploads video of himself spitting on bar’s rainbow flag, now they want to identify him

The Albatross Bar, a New York City gay venue, needs help identifying a man caught spitting on the establishment’s rainbow flag. The man, identified on Facebook as “Kha Dafi,” uploaded a video of himself spitting on the flag to his YouTube account, where the owner of the Albatross spotted it. Along with the video, the […]

Drama and Happiness

In a world that is often hostile to gay men and women, having friends and relationships that support our sense of self-worth is very important.  Friends not only help us meet our needs for intimacy, they help validate our point of view and our self-understanding; they help us keep our bea It can be very […]


“Organic beauty and authentic love tether the movement of this editorial shoot. Working with two real, married couples and LGBTQ-inclusive vendors, these images tell the story of love, support and the beauty found in the smallest of details. Aiming to expand the sense of community rallying around couples, we chose to include two real couples […]


Jennifer and Victoria chose to hold their wedding at the Westwood in Garwood, New Jersey. They had a first look waterside at Nomahegan Park in Cranford, New Jersey, with absolutely gorgeous fall foliage as the backdrop. The intimate ceremony was officiated by Jenn’s brother. He made a point to say how it’s been such a […]

5 Reasons Why I Want to Be A Gay Sugar Daddy

The average sugar daddy in North America is worth more than $5 million. While I come in a bit shy of that figure, I still bring in enough annual salary to more than cover my costs as well as the expenses of any gay sugar baby that should catch my interest. But plenty of men […]